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Date Created: April 19, 2010
Last Updated: August 17, 2012

We are a content development organization that focuses on creating PowerPoint and presentations-related content -- we developed this site to help users resolve their PowerPoint distribution issues and look at how presenting is part of our lifestyles. When we are not updating this site, we do full time PowerPoint content development, design, and consultancy -- do get in touch with us if you need some PowerPoint stuff.

AbsolutePPT (this site) is still evolving -- and we really want this site to grow organically -- and you can help us do that. We'll love to hear from you (that will help us evolve) -- do send us your feedback.

Our parent organization is Indezine.

As of now, we are exploring two areas:

PowerPoint Distribution:

Saving PowerPoint files as movies, PDFs, DVDs, web pages, Flash, Java, etc.

PowerPoint Lifestyle:

We are looking closely at how PowerPoint becomes a part of our lifestyle, and how that influences everyone else!

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