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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Complete Makeover Kit is not as much about reading as it is about seeing and doing! That’s why it's called a kit.

Full-color pages show you exactly how your slides will look as you follow the makeover steps, and all presentations in various stages of the makeover are on the accompanying CD.

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Cutting Edge PowerPoint 2007 For Dummies was rewritten from the ground up for the new version of Microsoft PowerPoint: PowerPoint 2007.

This book contains detailed coverage on the new SmartArt diagramming component, Office Themes, Slide Layouts, the new Ribbon interface, and more.

Also includes a CD.

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Special Edition: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is co-authored with Patrice-Anne Rutledge and Tom Mucciolo -- and it is a completely redone version of this bestselling book for PowerPoint 2007.

This is probably the most detailed volume on PowerPoint you'll find anywhere -- in addition it also looks beyond PowerPoint to design sense, presentation and speaking skills. The book has been completely updated for PowerPoint 2007 and includes a free CD that contains software that you can use.

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Cutting Edge PowerPoint For Dummies changed the way people used PowerPoint when it first came out. It has several five star reviews/ratings on Amazon.

Okay, you've PowerPointed before, right? And you knew there must be more cool things you could do? Here they are! This handy guide gives you pointers on what makes a powerful presentation, tips on using the right formats and templates, and directions for dressing up text, wowing 'em with color, adding action, and much more. Also includes a CD.

See PowerPoint books on Amazon.com.

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