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Drunk PowerPoint August 23rd, 2007
Drunk PowerPoint

YouTube August 14th, 2007
Download YouTube Videos

YouTube Downloader August 14th, 2007
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14 YouTube August 14th, 2007
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What is FLV? August 12th, 2007
What is FLV?

Download August 12th, 2007
How Does YouTube Work? And Should You Download the Videos?

DVD from PowerPoint August 8th, 2007
PowerPoint to DVD Software

PowerPoint to DVD August 2nd, 2007
Why Should You Create a DVD from PowerPoint?

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Drunk PowerPoint Drunk PowerPoint

This is a rather funny clip from MADtv about a PowerPoint presentation that goes terribly wrong. While PowerPoint is not to blame, you do see the cheesy cat clip art, and also the way in which some presenters treat their PowerPoint presentations. In many ways, this is a business-lifestyle clip that explores how PowerPoint has ...

Simon Sinek Site The Golden Circle: TED Talk by Simon Sinek

One of the most interesting talks I have heard in a long time comes from TED, one of my favorite sources of inspiring content. In this talk, Simon Sinek explains why most mundane presentations (or almost anything) are geared towards answering the "what" questions. And then he goes on to explain that we must also ask ...

Font Conference Font Conference

This is an amazing video from College Humor that looks at how all fonts behave when they are personified. This is all humor, but between the lines, you may find some wisdom too.

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